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Privacy policy:

  • All data inserted, such as emails, nicknames & other private data can be viewed by moderators of this panel.
  • All passwords you insert in this panel are being encrypted, and are thus also a mistery for our moderators.
  • We, SANDERC.NET, will send mails to the email(s) you have shared with us. To stop receiving emails you must delete your account and all of your private data.

Security Policy

  • Please do use a unique password here which you haven't used before. We, SANDERC.NET, are not responsible for any leak of the password you used here, or anywhere else.
  • Nobody forces you to insert your data here. Please acknowledge that any data leak is possible, even giants like Facebook have data leaks.
  • By inserting your data, the creators and owners of SANDERC.NET do not take any responsibility of any leak of your, or someone else's, data. We will try to do our best to prevent such things from happening, but you should know the risks of using the internet.
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