General Rules
# Rule
1.1 You act with responsibility and behave like a mature person. Every single DJ is a representative of this radio.
1.2 Insulting or swearing towards anyone in the radio will not be tolerated
1.3 Racism, sexism, homophobia, suicide jokes, self-harm, and bullying will not be tolerated.
1.4 It is fine to disagree with someone but not attacking people for it. Please avoid touchy subjects (i.e. politics, religions, gender choices, etc.)

Streaming Rules
# Rule
2.1 DJs are not allowed to stream without scheduling an hour.
2.2 If you schedule an hour you must stream it. The system will warn you automatically if you don't stream at least 35 minutes.
2.3 You can only schedule up to 4 hours per day in groups from 1 to 2. This means you cannot stream 3 hours in a row. Rule applies on busy days only.
2.4 Songs cannot be offensive towards any community member.
2.5 You are not permitted to stream on the hour of someone else.
2.6 Always be available during your streams. Either on discord or in-game.

In-Game Rules
# Rule
3.1 You do not place speaker/parties near public places where people are not interested in randomly hearing music.
3.2 DJ chat (/djc) is used for general communication between DJs, server rules still apply.
3.3 You may use /godj only in your hours of streaming or in an event that requires you to use the job. (radio related).
3.4 You may use DJ shouts only for radio related stuff.
3.5 You may only play our radio(s) in the party area.
3.6 Party area is for small scale parties, if you want to host bigger sized parties you may ask for CEM's help.
3.7 You may use "Ban player" options to prevent unwanted guests in closed parties ONLY.
3.8 Any misuse or abuse of the DJ panel will be harshly punished and wont be tolerated. (CIT staff is involved).

Inactivity Rules
# Rule
4.1 You must stream at least once every 10 days, or else you will be considered as a inactive (unreported). If you have been inactive without inactivity report for too long, then you might get kicked from the team (depending on the time period).
4.2 Reported inactivities must be no longer than a month (30 days), if it's more ask for a permission from any administrator.
4.3 You can go inactive 60 days per year, between each inactivity at least 1 month.
4.4 Reasons must be clear and reasonable. (e.g broken leg, important exams, moving house, internet issue)
4.5 If you can't keep up with these conditions, resign and use reinstatements later on.
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